If you’re like me, you probably have a long to-do list around the holidays. Something I had on my list this year was “make Christmas tree taller.” I have a gorgeous faux tree from King of Christmas, but it’s slightly smaller than the tree I had last year. Luckily, I tried a few different tricks to make it even grander and more beautiful than any other tree I’ve had. So, if you want to learn how to make Christmas tree taller this year, here are some tips.


Use tree stand extenders to give your Christmas tree an extra boost.

These simple and inexpensive plastic or metal pieces fit right over the top of your existing plastic Christmas tree stand, lifting the base of the tree up a few inches to make it look taller.


Hang lightweight but eye-catching ornaments on higher branches near the top of the tree.

This is an easy Christmas tree hack that will draw attention away from any empty spots on lower branches. Some examples could include hanging stars, garlands, or lights.


Install shelves on either side of your Christmas tree.

This will create the effect of more height, even if you don’t have a particularly tall tree. Fill these with decorations like books, toys, and other festive pieces to complete the look!


Add a tree topper to the top of your Christmas tree to give it an extra lift.

This year, I used a big silver star, and it added several inches to the top of my tree. In years past, I’ve had a wide array of tree toppers, including bows and angels. I really saw someone put a Harry Potter sorting hat on the top of their tree, so really anything goes.


Hang ribbon, garland, lights, or other decorations near the top of the tree and downwards in layers for added height.

This will also help fill any empty spots at the bottom of your tree, making it look fuller and taller overall. I always use several ribbons crisscrossing down my tree. It adds extra dimension and makes the tree look more magazine-like.

How to Make Christmas Tree Taller

Use wooden blocks

If you’re short on space, try getting a smaller base for your Christmas tree and adding some wooden blocks underneath to raise its height up a few inches.

Make sure the blocks are large enough and sturdy enough to support the weight of your tree. Cover the blocks with a tree skirt and no one will be the wiser.


Surround the base of the tree with decorative plants

Give your Christmas tree an extra boost by adding a decorative plant, such as poinsettias or evergreens, to the bottom of the tree and positioning it in front of the stand. This will also help to fill any empty spots near the base of your tree, making it look fuller and taller overall.

You can even make the tree look taller by placing blocks inside of a larger Christmas tree collar, and then placing all the plants in front of the tree.


Add a line of string lights along the topmost branches of your Christmas tree

This will draw attention upwards and create the illusion of more height for a visually breathtaking effect, even if you have a small tree. Personally, I love having a fake tree. Not only do you save money by avoiding the tree lot, but it’s much more environmentally friendly.


Hang ornaments at different heights on the tree

This creates a longer, more slender profile – this will further enhance the illusion of extra height for your Christmas tree!


Place a tall mirror behind your Christmas tree.

This will reflect the image of your smaller tree, making it appear even taller than it actually is!


Hang paper origami snowflakes from the highest branches

This will create a lovely visual effect that makes your little tree look longer and taller overall. You won’t even know it’s the same tree! Plus, adding some DIY Christmas tree magic in the form of paper snowflakes is a great holiday activity to do with your family.


Use an artificial snow spray on the tips of your Christmas tree’s branches.

This will give it a frosty look while making it appear taller and fuller overall. When King of Christmas asked to send us a tree this year (thank you so much!) I specifically asked for a flocked Christmas tree. I just love the way it looks. The branches are incredibly full and it looks like a crisp snowy day outside. So, luckily there is no need for snow spray paint at my house, but you could try to get a similar effect at home.


Place a large tire on the bottom of your Christmas tree

Place blocks in the middle of the tire and place the tree stand on the blocks. Secure it all to the tire and cover it with a tree skirt. I wouldn’t go out and buy a tire, but if you have one on hand it’s an idea that’s worth a try


Add smaller trees around your Christmas tree

Position several trees close together in order to create the illusion that they form one tall tree. This will also help make your Christmas tree appear much taller than it actually is. Plus, you get to decorate several different trees at once.


Final Thoughts

How to Make Christmas Tree Taller

Whether you use a crate, a basket, a box, an old tire, a regular tree base, or a tree collar with your tiny tree, chances are a few small changes can make it look like a taller tree.

If you try some of these ideas, and you still feel like you want to buy a new, taller tree, try shopping at King of Christmas. I’m really happy with the one they sent me. Not only are the branches beautiful, realistic, and full, but it was very easy to put together. There were no cords to fish out of the inside of the tree to connect. Each of the three bases fit snugly on top of the other one, and all the lights turned on. This is a high-quality product, and decorating it this year brought a lot of joy to our home.

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