Nothing can beat hardwood floors when talking about the most desirable flooring options. They are typically the most expensive yet ideal choice for your home. So, let’s say you have installed hardwood floors. Now you’re wondering how to clean them.

Hardwood floors are of different types, and each type demands a different level of cleaning. This guide will be the most suitable problem solver to deep clean hardwood floors because here we will describe each point while keeping all the vital elements in mind.


How to deep clean Hardwood Floors

How to deep clean wood floors

Deep cleaning wood floors is trouble-free because all you need is the right product, and it just takes a bit of washing. Whether you have kids or your pets, many things can create a huge mess. We’ll cover many different solutions below. Ready? Let’s go.


1. Buy a good Vacuum Cleaner

People often ask if it is safe to use a vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors. Yes, buy the right vacuum, and it’ll make the cleaning easier. However, regular vacuuming on these floors is needed to keep it good as new.

The primary issue is when grime builds up on the floors, and you let it sink in. Over time, grime can even damage the wood floor polish, so why take it for granted?

A good solution is to vacuum the surface at least twice a week because protecting your hardwood floors should be your priority. However, simple sweeping can be done even more for simpler messes.

The vacuum you buy must have powerful suction, so it doesn’t leave behind anything. Look over all the features before buying because you should not compromise. If you regularly vacuum your hardwood floors, you will never complain about dirt and grime.


2. Buy the Best Cleaning Product

The best wood floor cleaner can be found by asking the person who has installed your wood floors. Different finishes can use different cleaners, so you cannot treat every floor with the same method.

Whatever cleaner you choose, remember never go for the one that contains harsh chemicals because they can harm your wood floors, and you will regret it later.

However, if you have mistakenly used harsh chemicals, the best solution is to take a damp cloth and apply it on the surface after dipping it in warm water.

You can find good hardwood floor cleaners from many different sources. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and protect your floors.


3. Keep an eye out for Red Flags

How often do you avoid red flags, and in the end, it costs you? It is not enough to know how to keep your floor clean. You have to be careful about other factors as well. For example, do you know that the environment and nature also greatly impact keeping your floors durable and shiny?

The humidity and temperature drastically impact the wood, so you better prepare for these before it is too late. For example, if you have installed hardwood floors in a place with high humidity, they won’t last as long as in a dryer climate.

Hence, try to make the place humidity-free before the installation; otherwise, all your hard work and money will be wasted. Of course, you can also buy a humidifier.

Cleaner for hardwood floors


4. Cover any Scratches 

It is normal if your floors have scratches but neglecting them won’t be conventional and will create more mess. If you have seen any scratches on hardwood flooring, get a stain marker easily accessible from a wooden store.

This marker will help you cover those scratches. However, this solution is not permanent. Another great way to protect your floor from scrapes is placing an attractive mat or rug. It is the most appropriate way to cover your stained wood floors.


5. Recoating is Essential

Has your wood floor started to wear down, but you find yourself neglecting it? If you are doing it, then stop before it is late. Recoating is important after a few years because the floor loses its shine with time. Also, Recoating doesn’t involve sanding; it only requires finishing.

After doing it, you can enhance the life of your wood floors because finishing brings back the lost shine and durability. Now talking about the finishing, you can choose any according to the requirement.

One of the leading reasons people prefer wood floors over other options is that you can repair or refinish them whenever needed.


6. Floors should never stay Wet

We all know that excessive wetness is not good for the floors. You have purchased the wood floor cleaner, but you should also know how to use it. Using a large quantity can spoil hardwood floors.

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Cleaning Hardwood Floors with DIY Solution

How to clean hardwood floors

Besides all the above points, you can also prepare a DIY solution. For this, you need the following essentials.

  • Handheld Vacuum
  • Toothbrush
  • Damp Cloth/Damp microfiber cloth
  • Soft Cloth
  • Microfiber mop
  • Vacuum without a beater
  • White Vinegar/ cleaning Vinegar

The first step of cleaning any surface or floor is to remove all the loose dust particles with a simple cloth or use a vacuum. I recommend you choose a microfiber dust mop or a slightly damp cloth because it picks up every small and large dust in a single attempt.

Once the cleaning is over, machine wash the cloth so that every time you can apply a clean cloth. Now, what’s next? Make a DIY solution to wash the floors. Take one empty bucket and fill it with water and pour white vinegar.

Vinegar is the most effective cleaning solution that cleans and disinfects the surface. Now take a microfiber cloth, dip it into the bucket of vinegar solution, and apply it on the wood floors. Do not over-wet it, and keep the quantity minimum.

After this solution, your wood flooring will shine like never before. You can also add the mixture into a spray bottle for your comfort. After the cleaning, let the floor dry, and do not put any furniture over it.

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How to Remove Painted Hardwood Floors

How to remove paint from wood floors

While painting the walls, some splashes fell on the hardwood flooring, and now you are trying hard to clean up the mess. Elbow grease is the right way to offset the paint splashes, but this method doesn’t work every time, especially if the paint is oil-based. So what is the right formula

Before beginning the paint removal technique from the hardwood floor, you need a few items:

  • Small Bowl
  • Cotton Balls
  • Clean cloth
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Putty Knife
  • Soft Toothbrush
  • Hairdryer
  • Heat gun
  • Lemon Juice
  • Dishwashing Liquid

After collecting all these essentials, take a bowl or a cup and add warm water and dishwashing liquid. Next, take a clean cloth and dip it completely into the mixture. Now start cleaning in the right direction.

Once you notice that the splashes tend to loosen, take a dry cloth and wipe off the excess liquid.

You can also use a putty knife to remove further mess, which helps you gently scrape the excess splash. After cleaning everything, if you notice the floor is not cleaned properly, the work is not over, and you have to do other cleaning tactics.

Now prepare another powerful solution using rubber alcohol and lemon juice. After preparing a mixture, take a cloth and dip it. Let the cloth in the mixture for at least 5 minutes, then apply it to the splashes. Now, get your hands on a putty knife to eliminate excess mixture or mess.

Water paint is easy to be removed, but oil-based paint takes time. You might need the readymade paint remover solution that is assessable in different stores. While employing the cleaner, follow the instructions mentioned in the bottle. This process will also remove dark stains and oil stains.

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Best Method to Keep Wood Floors Clean

best way to clean hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are the most expensive option, so you can not leave them as it is after installing them. Therefore, taking good care of it is essential to attain maximum benefit. Many ways will allow you to retain the beauty of these precious floors. Let’s check out those ways below.

  • Never let the spills on the wood floors for long, and take instant action as soon as you see them. Remember that excess moisture on the floor is unhealthy, so avoid it.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner once a week, but regular mopping is a must. Areas where there is high foot traffic need frequent cleaning. Moreover, after applying the mop, make sure to wash it off.
  • Dirt enters the floor through shoes, so it is a great idea to place door mats where you can place the shoes. Once a week, deeply clean those mats as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

This guide has helped you enough to know how to deep clean hardwood floors, but there might be a few questions that will pop up in your mind that needs to be answered. To answer them, check the below list.


What is the professional way to clean hardwood floors?

Different wood cleaning products are used for this. Moreover, they have professional machines for deep cleaning hardwood floors. There are a few homemade cleaning solutions as well that perfectly perform this job.


How to bring back the shine of a hardwood floor without finishing?

With time, the hardwood floor loses its shine, so refinishing is compulsory. You can use a commercial-grade buffer or apply hardwood floor sealant for polishing. To bring the shine, you can employ oil soap.


How to prepare a homemade solution to clean wood floors?

Homemade solutions can be made in different ways, and the most effective one is adding white vinegar to warm water. You can add this mixture to a bottle that will be more comfortable for you to employ or dip the cloth in a solution to apply it on the wooden floors.


Final Thoughts

How to deep clean hardwood floors naturally

Deep cleaning hardwood floors doesn’t take much time, but the method should be accurate.

If you can’t take enough time from your work routine, go for a readymade solution specially designed to deep clean wood floors. Get the best vacuum cleaner to make this procedure straightforward. To regain the polish of your floors, you can also buy wood floor polish.

It is great if your floor surface always shines. Cleaning becomes vital if you have pets because pet stains can cause big damage to the floor surface. If you have the right solution, you can wipe off sticky residue, dust, and dirt.

A regular cleaning routine should also be included in your to-do list to avoid a hectic cleaning session. I hope you won’t have to search for other guides for wood floor cleaning. Instead, check each step and perform as mentioned here.

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