Using electric appliances in the kitchen has made all our lives easier. However, cleaning appliances with electric components is not always straightforward. Take, for example, an electric griddle. They’re great, but they’re electric. So, you’re probably wondering how to clean an electric griddle safely.


Materials Needed to Clean Your Electric Griddle

To properly and safely clean an electric griddle, you will need:

  • A cloth or clean sponge
  • Paper towels
  • Baking soda
  • Soapy hot water
  • Cold water
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • A flat head spatula (Make sure your utensils are plastic, nylon, or wooden. Metal utensils and steel wool can scratch the griddle surface and damage the electric griddle.)


The Cleaning Process


Step 1: Check the instructions before cleaning an electric griddle.

Proper care is critical with an electric griddle. You can start this care even before the first use of your new griddle.

Clean the cooking surface before you use your griddle for the first time. Use warm soapy water, avoiding any electrical parts or the connector port, rinse, and dry with a clean towel.

Before cleaning an electric griddle, check the griddle’s instructions, so you do not damage the cooking surface.

Some chemicals cannot be used on the griddle surface, and most griddles are not dishwasher friendly.


Step 2: Prepare your griddle for cleaning.

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Wait until the griddle is cool before cleaning the entire griddle. Use heat-resistant gloves if necessary.

Ensure that your griddle is unplugged and cooled off before you begin cleaning.


Step 3: Scrape any food particles off the cooking surface.

Use a paper towel to remove any food debris from the cooking surface. Remove grease pools from the surface and use a flat head spatula to remove any remaining grease or burnt food particles off of the griddle.

A non-stick surface may be an extra cost for your griddle needs, but it is worth it. Grease comes off much more quickly when your griddle is non-stick.

Ensure that you do not use a metal spatula, as it could damage the non-stick coating. Steel wool can also damage the coating. Excess oil can be removed from the non-stick surface with paper towels.


Step 4: Wash the griddle gently with hot soapy water and baking soda.

Most electric griddles are not dishwasher safe, as they could damage the nonstick layer of the griddle surface, so hand washing is the way to go.

Many griddles have a removable cooking surface. Remove the griddle surface and let it soak in warm water and grease-cutting soap for a few hours to dissolve stubborn stains and excess grease.

Remove the drip tray from the electric griddle and wash the griddle surface in a mixture of hot water and a few drops of dish soap.

Use a nylon scrubber and a mild abrasive, such as baking soda, to get rid of any baked-on cooking oil or hard grease left on the griddle after it has soaked in the warm water solution.


Step 5: Dry your electric griddle.

When drying an electric griddle, do not let it air dry. After washing thoroughly in hot water, check for soap residue and make sure that all soap is rinsed off of the griddle.

Then, move on to the next phase of cleaning: drying. Air marks are common when it comes to a griddle surface.

To effectively dry a clean electric griddle without leaving air marks, use a clean cloth or paper towel and cold water. Douse the towel in cold, clean water, wring out excess water, and gently wipe the griddle down.

After finishing the cold water part of the cleaning task, put the griddle on low heat until all the water evaporates. Use a dry cloth to dry the griddle if there are a few water spots left.


You now have a clean electric griddle!

Your griddle is now clean and well cared for. Maintaining the cleanliness and care of your electric griddle is essential to keeping it in its best condition and making it last for years to come.


Why is cleaning your electric griddle important?

Cleaning an electric griddle is essential because a dirty griddle will affect the taste of the food you cook in the future. If there are food particles from old meals stuck on the griddle, your new meal may not taste as good as it should.

In addition, a griddle with a clean surface will also cook your food more evenly. A clean griddle cooks faster and more effectively, guaranteeing your food will be great every time.


How to Clean an Electric Griddle FAQ


How do you get burn marks off electric griddles?

You can try to remove burn marks or other stubborn stains from the griddle with some baking soda.


Water Solution

First, mix it with water. Heat the griddle on low, and then add the baking soda and water mixture. Use a nylon scrubber to work the mixture into the stain. Rinse it thoroughly to see if the stain has disappeared.


Vinegar Solution

You can also try the same process, but with a different solution. You can make a baking soda and vinegar solution, add it to the griddle on low heat, and scrub the mixture into the burn marks. The chemical reaction in this solution will make it a stronger solution than the water solution. Rinse it and check to see if the stain has disappeared.


You can also use cream of tartar as the powder in these mixtures.


Can you submerge an electric griddle?

Do not submerge any of the electrical parts of an electric griddle or its connection ports.

Many griddles have a removable cooking surface. This removable surface can be submerged in the water, as well as the drip tray. However, none of the electric parts of the griddle can be submerged.


How do you clean a non-stick griddle?

When cleaning a non-stick griddle, make sure that you do not scrape food off with a metal spatula or utensil. Do not use steel wool to clean a non-stick surface. Both of these tools can hurt your non-stick coating in the long run.

Use a sponge, clean towel, or paper towels to clean the non-stick cookware. These are gentler on the coating and will not damage it. Never put your non-stick cookware in the dishwasher, as it will damage the coating.


Can you use a dishwashing machine to clean an electric griddle?

You can use dishwashing liquid to cut through some of the hardened grease. Just make sure you do not put electric griddles through the dishwasher. A dishwasher will damage the non-stick coating of an electric griddle and render it virtually unusable.



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