All-Clad has been manufacturing high-quality stainless steel cookware for over half a century, with product lines that have taken the cookware industry by storm. Among their most popular cookware lines are the D3 and D5 cookware sets. That said, how does one understand their differences and figure out which line is right for you?

In this review of All-Clad D3 vs. D5, you will gain access to all the ins and outs of these different ranges of stainless steel cookware sets. In addition, we’ll go over how each product line could benefit your unique situation.

From cooking performance to materials used and right down to the ergonomics, you will easily envision the feel and results of these pots and pans as you read through this article. 


What is All-Clad D3?

All-Clad D3 vs D5:

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All-Clad D3 cookware comprises a tri-ply stainless steel construction with an aluminum core for enhanced heat conductivity. The concept behind triple-layered cookware is to provide a durable construction resistant to rust and corrosion. In addition, it allows a seamless transfer of heat from the stove through the cookware to raise the temperature faster and more evenly.

Products in the All-Clad D3 range include stainless steel pots and pans such as stockpots, sauce pans, saute pans, frying pans, skillets, and more. As a result, each item comes with stainless steel handles, and some also come with a non-stick cooking surface for quick food release and easy clean-up procedures. See their products here on Amazon. 



What is All-Clad D5?

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All-Clad D5 cookware uses five bonded stainless steel and aluminum layers for an even more durable solution. As such, the D5 range often comes with a thicker stainless steel exterior that also has an engraved All-Clad logo on the handles for an aesthetic finish.

With an 18/10 durable stainless steel construction comprising three layers of steel wrapped between two layers of aluminum core, the D5 range specializes more in heat retention and durability and less in heat responsiveness. In addition, it is available in a polished exterior finish and a brushed matte exterior finish.

Additionally, all D5 products come with flared rims that make it easier to slide food off onto a plate or drain liquids out of the pot or pan. Check them out here.



How are they different?

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The core difference between All-Clad D3 vs. D5 is the number of layers used in their respective constructions. D3 uses a tri-ply stainless steel construction comprising two stainless steel sheets encapsulating an aluminum layer core. It provides the cookware’s foundation of heat conductivity.

Contrastingly, the D5 range uses 5-ply stainless steel construction. This encompasses alternating stainless steel layers wrapped around two aluminum layers. These provide the core of the cookware’s heat transfer and conduction properties.

Other differences include that D3 has a quicker temperature response due to the thinner overall construction. The D5, in contrast, has a more gradual temperature response due to its thicker cladding.

Additionally, all D5’s items have a brushed exterior finish, while D3 only has this option available for some of their products. The D5 range also has thicker lid handles than D3 and comes with an engraved logo for a visually pleasing design. Finally, the D5 pots and pans all come with flared rims, while the D3 feature some products that don’t come with this perk.


How are they similar?

All-Clad BD55108 D5 Brushed 18/10 Stainless Steel 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Fry Saute Pan Cookware, 8-Inch

The D3 and D5 cookware ranges come with a textured stainless steel surface and stainless steel lids. These provide a durable build and a glossy, shiny silver finish that brightens the kitchen.

Similarly, both these lines come with an aluminum core wrapped between a stainless steel layer that provides further durability and strength to the cookware. At the same time, it enhances its heating properties by providing conductivity and even heat distribution across the pot or pan.

When it comes to the flared rims on the cookware, D3 and D5 are mostly similar, except that with D3, they are mostly flared, while with D5, they are all flared. Additionally, the items and types of cookware offered by D3 and D5 are very similar. Both lines comprise frying pans, stockpots, skillets, saucepans, and saute pans.


What’s better about All-Clad D3?

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Overall, the D3 range is mostly inferior to the extra-layered D5 as far as durability goes, but it does excel in a critical area. Due to a thin steel core and contrary to the extra layers of the D5 range, you will find superior heating capabilities with the D3 range when it comes to heat-up time.

Furthermore, the absence of additional layers with the D3 cookware sets is significantly more affordable and cost-efficient than D5. As a result of the fewer layers, D3 cookware also tends to be more lightweight than its D5 counterpart. This makes it more suitable for elderly individuals.

Also, the All-Clad D3 line offers a greater range of products compared to the D5 line, offering more cookware lines, cookware sets, and individual items for the customer to choose from.


What’s better about All-Clad D5?

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The obvious advantage of the 5-ply All-Clad D5 range is the extra layers of aluminum and stainless steel that make it significantly thicker and more durable. This effectively contributes to a longer-lasting product that is less likely to receive detrimental damage that could compromise its performance.

You also choose between a brushed finish or a polished exterior finish for each cookware set in this range. So there’s just a little more choice in design and aesthetics to appeal to a broader audience of buyers.

Due to the more gradual heat-up time and heat retention of the D5 range, you are less likely to experience hot spots in your cookware when preparing your recipes. In addition, the extra aluminum core extends the heat more widely and evenly across the cookware. As a result, it has a slower heat up time but a more sustained result once the cookware has reached your desired temperature.


Who should get All-Clad D3?

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The All-Clad D3 cookware line would suit anyone who prefers faster heat-up time over strength and durability. In fact, the D3 tri-ply stainless steel construction is already strong and sturdy enough for most preferences. It provides a solution to your cooking needs that is both durable and fast-heating.

Additionally, if you prefer polished cookware over brushed, then you will prefer the D3 range for its shiny bright finishes. All-Clad D3 was the original line of fully clad layered cookware. As a result, they have a far greater range of cookware sets and individual items than the All-Clad D5 line.

The D3 is also compatible with induction cooktops, so owners of such stoves can consider the D3 line for their next cookware purchase. It is also completely dishwasher safe, though we recommend hand washing for maximum longevity.


Who should get All-Clad D5?

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The All-Clad D5 range is designed for those seeking a more sturdy cooking experience. It sports a thicker construction that delivers five bonded layers of stainless steel and two aluminum cores that create an enhanced heating solution.

While it does take longer than the D3 to heat up, it could be a worthwhile wait for people as the heat spreads more evenly and retains for longer with these pots and pans. This is due to the thicker cladding and double-bonded aluminum core. In addition, you get the option of brushed finishes as well as the polished exterior finish with the D5 range, appealing to a wider range of buyers.





All-Clad Brushed D5 Stainless Cookware Set, Pots and Pans, 5-Ply Stainless Steel, Professional Grade, 10-Piece - 8400001085Check The Latest Price

All-Clad’s cookware sets are made using a combination of stainless steel layers and aluminum cores. Together, they provide durable cookware high in heat conductivity, distribution, and retention.

As we now know, D3’s construction encompasses an aluminum core wrapped between two layers of stainless steel material for a durable finish that also delivers fast heat up time. On the other hand, D5’s construction incorporates two aluminum cores wrapped between three bonded layers of stainless steel. This makes it significantly thicker, heavier, and more durable.

On the downside, the heat-up time is not as fast as D3 cookware. However, it compensates for this with its superior heat retention and even heat distribution features. These eliminate any hot spots. They also provide a balanced stainless steel cooking surface for quality results.

There is also a difference in aesthetics and design that comes with the differing constructions of the D3 and D5. D3 only comes in polished stainless steel finishes, while D5 offers both polished and brushed finishes.

The benefits of brushed stainless steel cookware are that they are more conducive and durable than polished cookware. This is a crucial component when taking on thick 5-ply cookware such as the D5 range.

Ultimately, brushed stainless steel cookware provides more durability and can retain heat more effectively than polished cookware. This option certainly gives the D5 line an extra point over its D3 counterpart.

Overall, the increased durability, conductivity, and options between polished and brushed cookware are what make D5 superior to D3 as far as materials go. This makes it the preferred choice in this aspect between these two All-Clad product ranges.

Winner: All-Clad D5



All-Clad Brushed D5 Stainless Cookware Set, Pots and Pans, 5-Ply Stainless Steel, Professional Grade, 10-Piece - 8400001085Check The Latest Price


When observing the differences between the handles of D3 and D5, we can consider the various types of handles. These include lid handles, panhandles, and stockpot handles, as each differs significantly in design.

The D3 range uses a thin stainless steel handle that is polished and bolstered firmly onto the lid for secure handling. For D5, the lid handles are significantly thicker, providing a more durable construction. These are less likely to break over time. The D5 lid handles also come with an engraved logo that reads “All-Clad,” adding to the overall aesthetics and style of the cookware.

Both D3 and D5’s lid handles stay cool under high temperatures, making them a sturdy oven-safe feature that is convenient to use, and the steel lids work well to trap heat and moisture.

In terms of panhandles, the D3 line comes with straight stainless steel handles that stay cool when the pan is heated. They also provide plenty of length for an ergonomic and comfortable handling operation.

These secure riveted stainless steel handles come with the classic polished finish as per D3’s signature design and also feature the All-Clad logo on the rivet for additional design aesthetics. While similar to the D3 handles in most ways, the D5 features an additional component in the form of a small bump along with the handle.

This feature aims to prevent the user’s hand from slipping too far into the “danger area.” This is where they could potentially burn themselves from the cookware’s high temperatures. For that reason, combined with the thicker lid handles that are easier to grip, the D5 wins this bout over the D3.

Winner: All-Clad D5



All-Clad Brushed D5 Stainless Cookware Set, Pots and Pans, 5-Ply Stainless Steel, Professional Grade, 10-Piece - 8400001085Check The Latest Price


Another key difference between the D3 and D5 cookware lines is the inclusion of rims on the pots and pans. The purpose of rims is to create cookware that provides drip-free pouring into bowls. It also makes it easier to slide food off the pan or pot and into a plate.

Both the D3 and D5 sets of cookware come with flared rims to make this possible. You’ll find a notable difference in that the D5 range comes with more prominently flared rims than the D3 range. This makes it even easier to slide foods such as eggs and soup off the cookware and into a bowl or plate.

On the downside, overly prominent flared edges can create a situation that backfires, as they split through the liquidy foods such as curries and sauces.

Of course, the benefits of having these pronounced rims far outweigh the negatives of not having them. However, the style of straight rims could result in a stressful time when trying to pour liquids out of your pans and stockpot.

Furthermore, the D3 cookware line does not include flared rims on all of their items, only featured in their skillets, frying pans, and some sauce pans. On the flip side, the D5 features these rims on all of their items.

Hence, when we consider the more prominently flared edges of the D5 pots and pans compared to the lesser or, in some cases, non-existent flared rims of the D3 range, we have a clear winner in this area.

Winner: All-Clad D5


Product Range

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So far, the D5 line seemingly defeats the D3 in just about every way. However, one thing that the D3 line certainly has over its counterpart is its extended product line. It far outnumbers the limited range offered by the D5.

Of course, this is mainly attributed to the fact that D3 has been around longer. At first, the D5 range was an extension of D3, which offered more layers of bonded metal technology wrapped around two aluminum layers. As a result, you are more likely to find the precise size, weight, and other specific product dimensions with the D3 range due to their wider selection.

In particular, you will find far more non-stick pots, pans, and skillets with D3. Many of their items specialize in non-stick properties and fast heat-up times. This is opposed to D5, which has a greater focus on durability and long-lasting sturdiness.

In addition to its greater variety in size and non-stick options, the D3 range also features lines such as D3 Compact and D3 Armor. Each of these offers unique perks and features for added cooking advantages in the kitchen. The D3 Compact range is a “modern twist on All-Clad’s classic stainless steel cookware.”

This suggests that the cookware in this range is designed with the same tri-ply stainless steel construction. You can stack each pot and pan on top of each other. They rest comfortably atop one another, allowing you to save plenty of space in your kitchen and on your counter spaces.

Finally, the D3 Compact range comes with curved stainless steel handles, which make it easier to operate while keeping all the “hot stuff” in the pan nice and distanced away from the user.

With that being said, D3 still offers plenty more pots and pans in various sizes. Its inclusion of D3 Compact and D3 Armor product lines amplifies its advantages over D5 as far as quantity and variety go. 

Winner: All-Clad D3


Design Versatility

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Essentially, the trade-off of non-stick cookware usually comes in the form of reduced durability and susceptibility to scratching by metal utensils. However, the D5 Armor cookware line gives you the durability and strength of the classic All-Clad D3 range. It also provides the quick food release properties of the non-stick options.

The All-Clad D5 Armor series is available in 8, 10, and 12-inch frying pans, an oval fish pan, and a 3-quart saucepan.

Unlike All-Clad D3, the D5 line typically comes in either polished or brushed stainless steel finishes, with its products coming in the form of individual items and cookware sets alike.

The D5 brushed collection is D5’s signature range that offers 5-ply construction and features a stylish brushed matte exterior. For one, it lifts the overall style of your kitchen. Second, it is versatile enough to complement any interior design. While some claim the brushed finish makes it easier to hide catches from the surface, it remains more or less the same as polished cookware in this aspect.

This brings us to the second line of products offered by D5, polished stainless steel cookware. These items are essentially the same as D5’s brushed interior construction and performance capabilities. However, they simply have a shinier, polished finish instead.

In essence, when it comes down to product range, D3 offers more in terms of quantity as well as versatility in cookware sets and individual items. But, of course, this does not mean D5 has nothing unique to offer, as you won’t get the same durability in construction. You also won’t build a 5-ply cookware set as you would in D3’s tri-ply stainless steel cookware range.

Winner: All-Clad D3


Heat Conductivity

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As the contest between All-Clad D3 vs. D5 ensues, we must carefully consider the various components of heat conductivity. For instance, D5 comes with two aluminum cores compared to D3’s single aluminum core, and yet D3 remains quicker to heat up.

This is due to its thinner alternating layers of stainless steel. In addition, a responsive aluminum core bonded construction allows heat to travel through the stainless cookware more effectively without much interference.

By no means is aluminum more conductive than a copper core. Still, we can deduce the combination of stainless steel and aluminum cookware to provide a more durable solution for conductivity. So the question remains, does D3 or D5 have better heat conduction properties?

In truth, D5 actually has better conductive properties due to the existence of two aluminum cores as well as the extra layers of stainless steel cladding. The only reason it takes longer for D5 to heat up compared to D3 is because of this extra cladding which creates a longer pathway for the heat to travel through.

On that note, you will experience far greater heat distribution and retention with the D5. It can hold the heat for a longer time due to the thick cladding. In addition, the slower and more gradual increase in temperature compared to the D3 allows it to spread heat throughout the cooking surface in a more even and consistent manner.

Thus, the fact remains that two are always better than one. In this instance, D5’s two aluminum cores provide more heat conduction spread evenly across the stainless cookware. It does this while retaining its temperature for longer than D3, making it the clear winner on this occasion.

Winner: All-Clad D5



All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware Set, Pots and Pans, Tri-Ply Stainless Steel, Professional Grade, 10-PieceClick Here to Buy Now


The D5 range offers more in terms of enhanced durability and extra perks, such as flared rims and brushed exterior finishes. That being said, their items are priced significantly higher than the D3 line. In addition, many people prefer the D3 line for its polished finishes that are more lightweight and provide faster heat-up time.

Add to that the fact that D3 offers the D3 Compact and D3 Armor ranges and more non-stick cookware options. However, some would argue that D5 provides longer-lasting results due to its increased durability. However, there is no clear evidence to suggest this is the case. As a result, cost-efficiency ultimately boils down to the flat price, making D3 the clear winner if you’re looking to save a buck.

Winner: All-Clad D3


All-Clad D3 vs D5 FAQ

All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware Set, Pots and Pans, Tri-Ply Stainless Steel, Professional Grade, 10-Piece

Is D3 or D5 better?

Ultimately, the decision comes down to the buyer as both D3 and D5 offer very unique properties that users in a subjective manner can only prefer. In a nutshell, D3 provides more options to choose from in terms of products. On the other hand, D5 has more durable solutions through its 5-ply construction that utilizes two layers of aluminum and three bonded layers of stainless steel.


Is D5 All-Clad worth it?

Absolutely, All-Clad D5 may be priced higher than D3, but there are plenty of benefits related to durability and convenience of use that justify this increased price point. With 5-ply construction, brushed finish stainless steel, and thicker lid handles, All-Clad D5 could prove to be a worthwhile investment that brings in plenty of value and quality results in the long run.


Is All-Clad D5 being discontinued?

Yes, the All-Clad D5 line is now being discontinued. However, you can still purchase D5 cookware from the company’s site or third-party companies such as Amazon’s online store. By purchasing All-Clad D5 now, you could be part of history as one of the rare customers to possess this cookware range.


Will All-Clad last a lifetime?

With proper care as per the product guidelines, All-Clad can undoubtedly last a lifetime. Particularly if you go for the more durable cookware options such as D5’s 5-ply construction with two aluminum cores and three stainless steel sheets. Ensure that you hand wash your stainless cookware and refrain from using the dishwasher for best results.

All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware Set, Pots and Pans, Tri-Ply Stainless Steel, Professional Grade, 10-Piece

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